The City Council of Larraga agreed in the municipal plenary session held on February 28, 2019, to sign the Covenant of City Halls on Climate and Energy.

It is a European initiative whereby local governments are jointly responsible for the objectives of reducing greenhouse gases and adopt a common approach to mitigation and adaptation to climate change, as well as energy poverty.

The commitment assumed consists of, first, reducing CO2 emissions (and, possibly, other greenhouse gas emissions) in the municipality by at least 40% by 2030, in particular through the improvement of efficiency energy and greater use of renewable energy sources. Second, increase their resilience by adapting to the impacts of climate change.

The work plan includes carrying out an inventory of reference emissions and an assessment of risks and vulnerabilities derived from climate change. Also the elaboration of a Plan of Action for the Climate and the Sustainable Energy in a term of two years from the date of the decision of the City council. Finally, prepare a progress report at least every two years after the submission of the Action Plan for Climate and Sustainable Energy for the purpose of evaluation, monitoring and control.

To develop this methodology, the City Council of (name of the municipality) will have the support of the Government of Navarre, within the framework of the LIFE NADAPTA project, through methodology and technical support, through participation in a working group of municipal officials with the help of Lursarea-Navarra Territory and Sustainability Agency and the NELS Network, in order to share good practices, knowledge and resources regarding climate and energy initiatives.

The Larraga City Council invites the public to collaborate in this challenge and to participate in the achievement of its objectives.