ASDO (Asociación Sociocultural Deportiva Orión) is a non-profit raguesa association in which we have various sports resources and whose objective is to promote sports and an active and healthy way of life in the locality.

To date, we have two rooms within the Municipal Sports Center, assigned by the City Council. In them, there is machinery for bodybuilding, fitness, climbing wall, TRX, tatami for boxing, stretching, etc.

Several sports activities are offered annually from ASDO:

  • Zumba
  • Children’s Zumba
  • Indoor cycle
  • Integral Yoga
  • Women’s Sport
  • Liga de Frontenis

In addition to this, from ASDO, we try to carry out events and activities of a sociocultural nature, with events such as:

  • Mus tournaments
  • Talks on nutrition
  • Solidarity Masterclass
  • Collaborations with other entities

ASDO information of interest: