Diego Gómez Musical Association

Diego Gómez Musical Association

The Diego Gómez Musical Association is a non-profit organization whose objective is the preservation, maintenance and dissemination of the organ of the church of San Miguel Arcángel de Larraga. It is an instrument that is considered one of the most important historical and artistic interest of Navarre. The first characteristic is due to the fact that it was built by a local organism workshop and the second feature places it in the Baroque and Romanticism. To put value on the instrument, in 2008 he created the Organ Cycle Diego Gómez. An activity that takes place in the second half of August, directed by musicologist and composer Jesus Mª Muneta Martínez de Morentin and which is composed of several professional solo organ concerts and chamber music. Through the cycle the most outstanding musicians of the autonomous and national panorama pass.

Along with this he has organized lecture cycles, presented music discs and participated in several forums for technical and informative debate. In 2014 he promoted the restoration of the façade of the organ and the tribute to the technical director of the cycle from an institutional, popular and academic point of view. In the institutional participated the Government of Navarra and the City council of Larraga. The first granted him the Cross of Charles III the Noble and the second declared him Favorite Son of Larraga and dedicated a street to him. The popular was performed by the Musical Association Diego Gómez in the organ cycle and the academic was held in the New Main Casino of Pamplona by several teachers of the Conservatory of Music.

Study of the facade of the organ:

Cycle of conferences of the Chair of Heritage and Art Navarro (2013):

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