Alegría Raguesa Music Band


alegria_raguesaAlegría Raguesa music band began in 1996, when the city council then called the brothers Marta, Carlos and Mario Merino to ask them if they could organize a group that could liven up the parties and certain times of the year. In this way, they started working on one of their passions: music.

After gathering a large group of people, not all with too much experience, they tried until they could go out on the streets in September of the following year. Thus was born the band “Alegría Raguesa”.

Currently, it consists of two bands, the adult band and the young. The adult band consists of about 45 people and in the young band there are about 30.

There is a board composed of president, secretary, treasurer and vowels, which are renewed every 4 years and, every two months, meet to organize, decide, speak…