Typical gastronomy of Larraga

It is very varied and usually is associated with some specific dates

tostonesOn February 3, the feast of San Blas, it is customary to go to the Church with the necklaces of roscos that are made at home to implore the Holy protection against the evils of throat. The popular proverb witnesses the fact when he says, “By San Blas, if you make threads, you will eat; And if not, you will not taste them.” The festival of San José, on March 19, is associated in Larraga to the fritters, which are made at home with flour, water, salt and sugar.

To celebrate one of the Christmas parties (Christmas Eve, Christmas, New Year, Kings …) a dessert made with milk, ground almonds, sugar, cinnamon sticks and bread is made. It is the so-called “Soup of the Child”, which, at that time, is typical in the homes of Larraga.

Another food very characteristic of Larraga are the tostones. The tostones are a kind of cakes made with water, aniseed in grain, sugar, flour and eggs. To make them use circular irons with handle that are placed on the fire. The elaboration of the tostones, that is realized mainly in autumn and winter, is not united to the celebration of a concrete holiday. Rather it has to be related to the rich tradition of larraguesa desserts, because Larraga is a very “laminero” people.