The 'Las Bejeras Cultural Park' was inaugurated in Larraga

, a project that began with the adaptation of a bejera in the Parque de los Turrientes and, due to the wealth of these buildings in the municipality of Larraga, has been extended to include various marked routes to make known 30 bejeras, distributed in 20 kilometers, and that you can go for a walk through the surroundings of the town.

Interior of a bejera.

This has created a space of interpretation of the ‘Bejeras’, along with the routes in order to put in value the cultural landscape of these unique elements, the bejera.

In addition, the bejera reconstructed in the Parque de los Turrientes has been contextualized through the construction of other small agricultural buildings related to the exploitation of bejera, which will help to interpret and understand beekeeping tasks and the relationship of bees with the natural environment .


This project, entitled ‘Cultural landscape of the Beras de Larraga’, has been included in the call for aid for the implementation of operations in accordance with the Strategies of Local Development Participated in the Middle Area of ​​Navarra within the framework of the Rural Development Program of Navarra 2014-2020 (Sub-measure 19.02.01).

Another bejera of the park.

The amount of the investment was 104,368.14 euros. Of these, the financial assistance provided by the European Union has been 66,866.38 euros (43,463.15 Euros EAFRD Help and 23,403.23 euros Help Government of Navarre), that is, 70% has been subsidized.

The general objective is the enhancement of the cultural landscape of the Bejera de Larraga, through the creation of interpretation space and marked routes.

Detail of the roof of a shepherd’s cabin, building that accompanies the bejera of the park.



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